Step One

Sign Up & Consultant

Please sign up and complete the short form online and our staff will connect you by phone, email or in person. We will keep your personal information confidential. List out any question associated with your interested programs, and make sure your questions have been solved before moveing forward.

Step Two


Please make the payment in time and accordance with the correct method. Non-refund deposit: 10% of the total fee, for booking international tickets and hotels in U.S.

Step Three

Visa & Preparation

Once you make the payment, we will assist you in visa application as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we will send you a brochure including all the information you may need when you prepare for the upcoming program.


We are devoted to assist students in applying to United States high schools, colleges and universities. It is our mission to make applications and admissions less stressful by fully informing students as well as supporting them in presenting their true selves.
University Application

Our admission team consists of professors and admitted students from elite universities. We help students determine appropriate universities and make customized application schedule by evaluating their credentials. In addition, we will assist in preparing correct required documentation accepted by targeted universities, and follow up with the college admission office regarding the statues of the applications. preparing for the visa interview and, finally, arranging the journey to a new academic and social environment.

High School Application

Our professional admission counseling service will prevent students and families from becoming overwhelmed by the process of identifying a suitable high school, and help students complete the required documents and prepare for the visa interview. Moreover, we will continue to reach out to you via our student relations manager who will act as your advocate and be available for assistance throughout your school or university experience.